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Hotel Monty is placed on a site that was known as early as 1828 as “The Friendship Lookout”. In the past centuries, Mariánské Lázně used to be visited by the most powerful men of both the West and the East. The visit by the Greek king Otta was of great significance for Hotel Monty, and a pavilion was built in 1857 where the hotel now stands, and the lookout was given the name “King Otta Heights”. In 1886, the brothers Gaspar and Ernst Ott of Cheb built the Egerländer café there in the farmyard style. In 1901, the three original buildings were completed with a number of terraces, a restaurant garden, tennis courts and a children’s playground, with the capacity of 2.500 guests. In this way, an impressive site was created, which could be well seen from large vicinity around it. The facility was equipped in a modern manner for that time, and gained fame with the high level of the services it provided. In 1945, the facility was named Monty after the nickname of the British Marshal Montgomery. In 1948, many spa houses, including Monty, were taken over under the administration of unions, and the hotel was given a new name: Leningrad. In 1979, the hotel was closed due to an extensive reconstruction, and reopened in 1987. In 1990, Monty was reintroduced as the name of the hotel.